When feeding wild birds, there are 4 keys to a successful program:


Provide different types of food to attract more variety of birds.  Sunflower is a great seed that many species love.  Higher quality mixes attract more birds.  Keep feeders full so birds will continue to visit.  Click here to jump down to Shafer Seed's Bird Feeding Preference Chart.


Provide a variety of feeders to attract the greatest variety of birds.  Use hopper and tube feeders for Sunflower and mixes.  Use Finch feeders for Nyjer and Finch mixes. Platform feeders will accommodate ground feeding birds.


Provide a shallow water source (2"-3" deep) so birds can bathe and drink.  Water also attracts birds that feeding stations alone cannot, such as ones that feed on insects alone.


Place feeders in locations already frequented by birds.  Place by shrubs and/or trees to offer protection.

Bird feeding can benefit birds and also provides great bird watching from your own backyard.  The obvious time to feed birds is in winter when natural food supplies are scarce; however, additional species visit feeders during the spring and fall migrations, and also during summer while nesting.

The chart below shows which seeds to use to attract the most common birds to your feeder:

For more information on feeding wild birds, click for Frequently Asked Questions.

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