Welcome to Shafer Seed!  For over 80 years, the Shafer Seed name has become synonymous with providing high quality products and superior service to its customers throughout the United States.  As a full line producer of wild bird seed products that meet all your wild bird food needs, Shafer Seed’s goal is to provide the absolute best experience to bird feeding enthusiasts, hobbyists and experts everywhere.

Located in the heart of the Dakota’s Sunflower country, Shafer Seed’s humble roots go back to the 1930’s when Ivan Shafer started the business in Oakes, ND as a seed conditioner selling planting seeds to farmers.  In 1946, Ivan began cleaning, mixing and packaging wild bird food.  After World War II, Shafer Seed’s business really took off, as it began selling its wild bird food products to the wholesale farm and fleet industry.  During the 1960’s, Shafer Seed was instrumental in promoting the growth of Sunflower acreage in North and South Dakota, which was a new crop to the area at the time.  It wasn’t until the 1970’s that Shafer Seed began selling direct to the retail trade and continues this practice today.

Today, Shafer Seed is a full line producer of wild bird seed, with products ranging from straight oil Sunflower and Safflower seed to specialty mixes like Finches Gourmet and a Hot Pepper blend.  Shafer Seed works closely with its customers to develop the blends and mixes that attract the most songbirds and other preferred birds.  Shafer Seed is still headquartered in Oakes in order to be close to the grain-growing regions where it can buy direct from farmers to procure the freshest, highest quality grains possible.  This proximity to its local farmers is why Shafer Seed likes to say that its products are ‘All Natural, Country Fresh!

Shafer Seed's quality bird food products are widely available at leading retailers throughout the United States.  If you need to locate a Shafer Seed retailer near you, please click on the CONTACT US link to find out how to reach us by phone or email, and we will help you find your local retailer.  Also, please visit our BIRD FEEDING FUNDAMENTALS page to learn more about the pleasures of backyard bird feeding.

Wishing you happy bird feeding!

'All Natural, Country Fresh'

Your Friends at SHAFER SEED